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R1200 c. Tail light issue

gabriel granillo

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Welcome to the board Gabriel.  Nice bike!


Was there any work done to that area recently?


Does the brake light illuminate?


The area inside the housing is pretty tight, so the wires may have gotten jammed up.


Start with the simple steps and check the fuse for continuitly and be sure it has good contact.   Replace the bulbs with new to see if they still work.   If not, you may need to check the wires in the housing to see if there are any breaks or loose connections.   It is fairly tight in there so be careful when pushing them back in.   The receptacle for the tail / brake light bulb is old and could have dislodged the bulb enough to not make contact.  Ensure that the tabs that protrude on the side of the bulb are in the correct orientation as they have different heights and go in a certain way.   If I recall, the lower tab should be toward the front, but confirm that by looking at the slots in the bulb housing.  The bulb is supposed to push down, slightly, and twist in place to lock it.  As for the tag bulb, it too can be loose.  Make sure the bulb holder has not worked itself loose from vibration.


You may want to visit all things Chromehead as it has a wealth of info pertaining to the C, Cl, and Montauk models.



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