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"wake-up" TPMS after battery change


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Simskid was kind enough to send me his old TPMS sensors after the batteries had died. I plan to replace the batteries as others have done with success. I plan to use a solderless technique but would like to be certain that the electrical connections are secure before buttoning up with epoxy, silicone, or hot glue. Will a TPMS wake-up tool 


tell me that the sensors are functioning? If I am certain that they will awaken when needed, I plan to put them on the shelf . I have a GS911 to reset them to the bike after they are installed.

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The one at the link is for GM vehicles so I'd be surprised if it'll "talk" to the units used in BMW motorcycles. I could be wrong but experience tells me BMW won't let just any product do this sort of stuff. They do seem to prefer we have to Bring More Wallet for things motorrad. Can the supplier verify that they will interact with the TPMS sensors at all? Just my$.02.

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This YouTube video covers using the GM tool to “wake up” the sending units  for my 2016 RT...as well as my 2011 Chevy Avalanche. The link to the tool is I the description as I mis-speak in the video, so look at the notes in the video. 
It is supposed to activate both 315 and 433Mhz units, but both the BMW and Chevy use 433Mhz TPMS. 


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Thanks BoxFlyer...looks like I'll need to match the sensors to the bike just to see if they are working. Batteries are attached to the contacts with a sandwich of Gorilla tape cut into a disc. A soldered connection seemed like a PITA. Gorilla tape is way more adherent than duct tape. Plan to use GOOP to seal it all up.



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