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Aftermarket ESA Rear Shocks


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I've got a 2013 R1200RT with ESA.  When you've gotten a rear ESA shock changed over to a Wilburs/Ohlins/etc., did you get the original shock sent back to you?  Just asking because I have a WTB in the classified and an trying to see if it's just false hope of finding one.  A local shop has the capacity to recharge the nitrogen and access to the seals, o rings, and valving.  Bought the bike used and the rear shock was leaking upon delivery, scoring on the piston rod.  Just thought I'd give the rebuild route a shot, if it doesn't work out, I'll probably go with non ESA aftermarkets.

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I had Ted provide me with a set of TracTive shocks for my 2013 R1200RT and only had to send him the old rear one so he could reuse the ESA.  Easy to install if you take your time.  Will know how they perform once I start riding again in the spring.

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