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A little help from my friends..... '15 RT


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Apologies to John and Sir Paul


I'm in the process of replacing my OEM H7 light bulbs with Cyclops LEDs and have run into an issue.

I'm not sure what's holding #1 from coming off the bike.  There may be a friction plug near the center

of the dash cover, but I don't want to pull on it for fear of breaking it.  Naturally, I removed #3 and #5 but

it still won't come off.


Before I snap something off, please tell me what's holding #1 on.


Thanks (again)




RT Dash.jpg

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I'm going from memory only but if I recall correctly there is a post under the bottom of the forward "point" section of the cover (#1) that fits/pushes into a grommet/rubber fitting. I had to lift/prise up carefully in that area to get it loose and lift the cover section (#1) off the bike. I loaned my shop manual disk out to a friend so can't look it up on the computer.

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I took a leap of faith based on your post and you were mostly correct.


There are two small friction posts that fit into rubber grommets near the front of the part.


Thanks so much for your help.  Now on to removing 1,000+ bolts to remove the front end of the bike.... :5150:

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I’ve recently done the same upgrade.  The BMW Maintance / repair CD is very helpful, and keeping nuts, bolts organized in  separate containers makes it easy.  Once you have the new bulbs installed, I’d suggest installing the headlight assembly by hand, attaching the electrical connection and then turn it all on to make sure it’s working.  I had put the resister on the left side high beam (seated on bike), and had problems.  Finally reread the instructions several times and realized the resister should have been installed on the right side high beam.  Switched it around and it was all good.  My kit also had another resister for the low beam.  Two resisters in my kit.   I have a 2016 R1200RT. 


Good luck,

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I have two resisters in my kit also.  I can't get the right high beam to work.  The ground connection to the resister is really weak, barely stays in.

Doesn't give me a lot of confidence down the road.  I'm thinking about returning the two H1 high beams, and go with something else for them.


I rarely use the high beams, it's not like the low which runs constantly. 


I bench tested both high beam bulbs and they work perfectly, so there must be something else going on.  LED low beam is working perfectly.

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Exactly my issue that is still pending resolution. My dealer has a call with Cyclops tomorrow. They finally installed both resistors and that did not help except that it made it worse. Without the resistors in place, I got a warning message when high beams were on. Once the resistors were installed, now the right high beam is not as bright. Mine is also a 2015 so I will definitely let you know what they figure out. I asked for a low beam upgrade only but the whole kit was ordered in error...

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I spoke with Cyclops today and got to the bottom of my problem. 


The issue I had was I couldn't figure out how Cyclops was grounding the light bulbs.  What's not mentioned

in the instructions is that you have to remove the black ground wire off the headlight housing and move it to the

Cyclops wiring.   Once I removed the ground wire from the headlight housing over to the Cyclops wiring all was well.

The low beam was no problem, it's the high beams that only have one connector on the bulb.  I spoke with Greg at Cyclops

and he was very helpful.  Told him they should add that to the instructions, he agreed.

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