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"The Road to Dharma" Review


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The Road to Dharma: A Different Motorcycle Adventure Series

“They came here to be in an environment, to be in an energetic space which is conducive to going deeper within oneself….”—Yogi Anand Mehrotra

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The Road to Dharma is a new type of docu-series, and quite different from other adventure motorcycle videos. Based in the Himalayan mountains of India and produced by American documentarian Adam Schomer, the series captures the stories of eight individuals from various backgrounds who’ve set out to find themselves in the world’s tallest mountains on a ride led by yogi Anand Mehrotra.

I must admit this series initially looked dangerously absurd. Putting riders on motorcycles with little or no experience in a country where anything resembling road rules is optional, not to mention no protective gear requirement, seemed like a recipe for disaster. However, despite the riders’ frequent Bambi-on-Ice-like experiences, many of these issues get sorted out.

The Road to Dharma isn’t intended to focus on motorcycling, gear or conquering terrain. Rather, it’s centered around how eight riders, each with their own issues, set out to conquer themselves and shed the internal baggage keeping them from being happy and realizing their potentials.

The crazy situations in which the riders find themselves play important roles in each of their stories. Pushing ourselves into risky and unfamiliar situations, the hallmark of adventure, can yield rich rewards. The Road to Dharma effectively demonstrates how the more we step out of our comfort zones, the more we’re forced to face in life. And in no small way do these experiences contribute to realizations of what we’re capable of.

RoadToDharma Review coverViewers who simply want to see hot bikes ripping down dirt roads in desolate landscapes may not enjoy this series. Instead, the land and cultures of the Himalayas (which I hope the show’s producers will get a little more into) provide the perfect backdrop for the trials and interactions of the participants. The series’ appeal is focused more toward a general audience, something I hope will bring an awareness of motorcycling to more occasional and non-riders.

That said, it’s one of the best videos around for those who like what it is: A story about normal people looking to have an extreme experience in order to overcome the most fundamental and troubling aspects of themselves. I look forward to a second season, but providing the riders with a little safety gear and training would be important not only for the program, but also in setting a good example for others as well as inspiring viewers to embark on their own Road to Dharma.


 ADVMoto Rating: 4 of 5 STARS

Series Creator: Adam Schomer

Available on: iTunes, Amazon Prime, Vimeo, YouTube, Google Play


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