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Throttle grip free play (R1150RT)


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Commuting on the RT and the VFR on alternate days I've noticed that the throttle grip on the RT has about 5-7 mm of free play. This free play does not affect the engine speed when its turned from one end to the other. (The throttle cable does not appear to be affected when the grip is moved throughout the free play range.) The throttle on the VFR is solid to maybe 1 mm of play. I noticed the free play during downshifts as I would need to twist the grip further to adjust the engine speed to the next lower gear. Can this free play be adjusted at the throttle to 1-2 mm using the throttle adjuster?


After I read the above question a few times, it sounds dumb, but I don't think that adjusting the cable length at the throttle will affect this free play. Please correct me and I'll get right to it (once I figure out how to do it).

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Yes it will and that's how you do it. Just be aware that you can't take it all out.


There is a secondary issue in that free play at the throttle bodies should be minimal before adjusting the free play at the grip lest the fast idle lever lose its effect.

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The official BMW spec. is 0.5 mm.


But in reality it's more of a personal preference thing. Adjust it to where it feels right for you.

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