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Brake line question


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Since I'm contemplating changing my power brakes to manual, the question of brake lines comes up. I've seen many say to replace the rubber lines with braided stainless.

Was told that the rubber deteriorates from the brake fluid.  Aren't the S.S.

lines metal covered rubber still in contact with the fluid ?

At 114k I'd like to get the olde girl something nice. She deserves it .

Thoughts ??

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Braided steel lines are covering teflon tubing, not rubber, so they do not deteriorate from exposure to brake fluid like rubber.

They are an excellent upgrade.:18:

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Galfer and Spiegler both offer excellent quality brake lines.   I would look to see who has the best pricing. At the time I bought replacement brake lines  the online site I bought my Spiegler kit from had them on sale. Everything was a perfect fit.  Braking feel improved a lot over OEM rubber hoses.

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