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2013 RT - What's With the Wimpy Horn?


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I love my "new to me" 2013 RT but the horn sounds like the "meep-meep" you'd hear on the Roadrunner cartoons!


By comparison, my 2004RT sounds like a truck horn  - I honk that thing and people notice!


Did BMW downgrade the horn for some reason between the two models?  I'm going to upgrade in any event, as a loud robust horn has saved my bacon more than once.


Any thoughts/comments?

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Same complaint from me. There are a number of options but a lot of folks install Denali Sound Blasters. You'll need a relay or CanSmart (or EZCan) to power it. There's a hole big enough for it under the left side cheek cowl. I fabricated the bracket.




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Not sure on your horn, but some have an "adjustment" screw that can be used to tune the horn. It may be covered by a plug or dollop of silicone.

Otherwise there is a thread somewhere here on this site with a whole bunch of testing and feedback on the various stock and aftermarket horns.

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Just to give you more options than probably wanted.....purchased a BMW car unit that is put on the 500 some what series.  Horn has a snorkel but does not interfere at all on a '07.  Uses same bracket and plug. Price is nice too.  Now have a car sounding horn!

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