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UClear Motion Infinity Helmet Comms Review


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UClear Motion Infinity intro

The ability to listen to music, make calls, and chat with friends makes a helmet communication system a must-have gadget for many motorcyclists. Competition in this arena is tough and products are constantly evolving to improve on the basic function trinity and bring new features to the table. UClear Digital includes all the standard niceties and pushes their feature list to an epic length with the MOTION Infinity.

Although the MOTION Infinity’s feature list is exhaustive, USAFE Crash Detection and gesture control are the unit’s most unique points. USAFE Crash Detection uses a sensor to detect major impacts and send a distress message with your location to selected contacts. Gesture control replaces finding small buttons with a laser sensor you wave your hand through. Less flashy notable features are Bluetooth 5.0, USB-C, and the ability to update firmware wirelessly via a mobile app.

UClear Motion Infinity Review FB

In the box UClear provides all the mounting options and Velcro you could ever need, a quick-start set-up guide, charging cables, a wall charger, AND a 12V cigarette plug charger. The quick-start guide lists two accessories I wish were in the box, adapters for charging while riding and using ear buds instead of speakers; neither is available from UClear at the time of this writing.

Installing a UClear system is a little trickier than other communication systems in my experience, due to the twin microphone array. To start with, the speakers are larger to accommodate two wires, and positioning the microphones requires testing and adjustments to work ideally. I installed one unit in a modular and another in a full-face helmet. I was able to tune full-face mics loud and clear, but still haven’t gotten the modular quite right.

UClear Motion Infinity Review 1

Excellent noise cancellation is a benefit to using twin microphones; the lack of wind, engine noise, or static coming through the intercom at all speeds is pleasantly noticeable. In phone call tests the other end of the line indicated I was notably clearer than when using another system.

Pairing for intercom use is a breeze between UClear units; one button starts pairing mode and another pairs all available units. Pairing the MOTION Infinity with other units is doable, just not as convenient.

Audio quality is another high point of the MOTION Infinity. The speakers provide a full-range sound and excellent bass response. Also, these speakers are LOUD and the fidelity doesn’t degrade at higher volumes like others may; listening to music on the freeway is just as enjoyable as on your favorite back road.

UClear Motion Infinity Review appIf I had to pick one weakness of the MOTION Infinity it would be the CLEARLink app. It’s the only way to configure settings on the device and some features are reliant on the app being open; if the app is in the background many smartphones will turn it off to save battery by default, thus disabling the USAFE feature. While CLEARLink has not been data intensive, it does seem oddly sensitive to poor cell signal strength; I was unable to adjust audio settings in an area without reception. When testing the USAFE feature with both Wi-Fi and strong cell signal, text messages were sent immediately to my contacts but emails arrived several hours late.

Overall, the UClear MOTION Infinity is a solid choice for a communicator system. While it does take a little more set-up, it does the trinity of music, calls, and intercom very well. Its litany of other features is creative and thoughtful icing on top of what you’re actually going to use it for 99% of the time.


MSRP: Single—$274.95 | Dual—$499.95


  • Feature packed
  • Easy to pair with other UClear units
  • Strong volume and audio quality
  • Excellent noise cancelling


  • Placement of dual mics is fiddly
  • No included option for earbuds or to charge during use
  • Many features are reliant on app and cell signal

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