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BMW R1200RT mystery problem need help

Eddie Kinney

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Dear fellow  BMW owners, I am at a loss for ideas. Here’s the problem. I own a 2007 R1200RT. About two years ago it stalled on the highway for no reason and I got it home. It wasn’t running right. I sent it to the BMW Dealer. They said it was just bad gas and flushed the system. Last year after not running the bike for four weeks it failed to start again. I tried draining the tank and putting in fresh gas but it didn’t start, I had it towed to the dealer. They said it was just bad gas again. Now just a few weeks ago it was having a hard time starting and couldn’t even get it Tonkin to ride it up the trailer to go to the shop. When I got it there the bike ran fine for the mechanics. They had it a week and couldn’t find any issues even after put on the computer. I got it back and it sat for three weeks. I then went to ride it and as I was going to the gas station it started slaloming out again and having a hard time starting it. Again after I brought it back again they can’t find anything wrong with it. Anyone know what could be the issue as to why it acts up once in awhile? Strange. I was thinking it was the fuel pump or fuel pump control sensor? I told dealer to check it but they can’t find anything wrong. Any ideas appreciated. Thank you Eddie Kinney 

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When the fuel pump controller fails, it is done for good, so I would discount that. I would suspect the charcoal canister system. What happens is that gas gets into the hose and canister and causes it to collapse under load which will kill the engine. Letting it sit will eventually relieve the pressure and the motor will start again. Worth a try.

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Now, not starting as in it continually cranks but won’t fire? :dontknow: My only suggestions are to have the bike hooked to a battery tender when sitting and to use Star Tron Fuel Treatment in the tank. Been working for me for many years now. :thumbsup:

BTW, welcome to the site! 

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Just a thought...maybe a loose hose in the fuel tank? Even a cracked hose? Would lower fuel pressure not allowing the bike to run right and sometimes not at all?

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As to the fuel pump controller, mine went out intermittently.


It stopped, then started and ran, then quit.  Then ran some more.


That was my experience in Mexico.  After replacing the fuel pump controller, I had no further problem. 


That is, until years later in the Mojave desert in 115 degree heat.  Again it would stop and start then finally stopped completely and would not start again.  Until the next morning.


At that time the dealer said they replaced the fuel pump controller in the tank.  An alleged second controller in the tank?  That's what they said, and said they repaired or replaced it "under recall" but wrote on the invoice that it was under "warranty" which was long out of warranty.


And charged $120 for analysis.


I'm thinking you might have a fuel pump controller, the one under the fairing, or like real says, a hose in the tank.  Supposedly those go out.


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