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Right Side Valves Loose??


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I posted my question on the R1150R site, but an oilhead is an oilhead. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


description of problem


Oh -- my girlfriend suggested that I just buy a new bike. She was no help smile.gif




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If it is the valves, then why is only the right side that loose? And why did it seemingly occur after an oil change.


I'll know more later this week. I was just curious if someone else had this same thing occur.

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Joe Frickin' Friday

Same brand/weight of oil before/after change?




  • loose valve clearances
  • loose rocker arm end play. Something you can check if you get in there to check valve clearances.
  • throttle cable that's juuuust barely holding the throttle off of its stop. If rattle goes away when you twist the throttle a smidge, this might be it. Not damaging, but you can get rid of it with the barrel adjuster at the throttle grip (screw it in until rattle stops).
  • lazy cam chain tensioner. Is it like the sound you get when you first start the engine (before oil pressure builds up)? May need to replace it.

My advice:


1. check the cable (easy/free).

2. check the valves (more work, still free).

3. replace the cam chain tensioner (easy/$50).


Abort sequence when noise goes away.

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Joe --


I've been using the same oil (Mobil 1 syn 15-50) for some 25k miles.


I'll run through your list.


Many thanks!


PU smile.gif

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Most likely rocker arm end play. Measure end play cold. Should be about 0.005-0.006" clearance. Your oil likely has nothing to do with engine noise. Check end play and I believe you'll find the culprit. BTW, if end play is a bit excessive, it is nothing to worry about.

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Mine was doing exactly the same thing. Drove me nuts. At the BMWMOA Rally in Lima I asked Paul Glaves about it. He also suggested rocker arm end play. I wasn't so sure, but when I got back I meticulously minimized the end play on both sides and re-adjusted the valves. The problem essentially went away (i.e. got MUCH quieter.) As was said above, the end play spec is quite loose and having it closer to the middle won't harm anything, but it sure makes a difference with the valve noise. Keep it as low as you can.

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