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Replace SENA SMH-10R Battery


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I was having troubles with the current battery in the SMH-10R, it was only lasting approx 2hrs.
So I decided to investigate the possibility of replacing it with something that would proved a long runtime.

So to the internet, Amazon, Banggood, AliExpress.....I found a battery on Amazon out of China that appeared to provide the 'mAH' that would have 2.5 times the 'mAH'.

A wait of 4 weeks & they arrived as you can see they they were slightly longer than the original. I wasn't concerned about not fitting into the battery case from Sena.New Battery Comparison.jpg
I first removed the wire from the original & soldered it to 1 of the new 1200mAH batteries. Connected it to the USB charger to full charge.

I then used my SM10 hooked to an Apple IPod mini to see how long it would last, alas it only lasted 10hrs. So I then decided that the New Battery was NOT 1200mAH.
So I searched the Internet & found a WEB site that led me to a calculation of 'mAH' by the dimensions (LINK) which works out that these new batteries are only 576mAH.
To verify I purchased a USB tester off Amazon. This then confirmed that I was right, that these were china FAKES! Contacted the seller & got a $15 credit (not too good but didn't need the hassle of sending them back $$$$). So they cost me about $ 33CDN.

So I then decided to hook both the new batteries together in Parallel. I then charged them to full charge & followed the same test as above for runtime.
The new runtime is 26.5hrs, time to full charge from my computer it took 8hrs 15 min.
Measurements NEW Battery
Test Results.jpg

I did the same test on the Sena Battery from my 10R (same battery different battery case)
Measurements SENA Battery

Now I have to wait for Spring image.gif.72a6dab5de2807d88456428d0627cb71.gif.....

Charge Test Setup.jpg

New Battery Comparison.jpg

Test Results.jpg

New Batterys In NeoTech 2.jpg

Battery Covered.jpg

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