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Longer Front Fenders


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I have an R1250RS and I would like to have a front fender that does a better job of protecting the front of the bike. I have used fender extenders on other bikes, but the weight and drag of the extender caused cracking and failure of the fender. Do any of you know of any replacement fenders that would provide the protection I speak of?


I look forward to any response.



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No.  The fender extender is down low, which is way below the air ducts utilized in engine cooling.  I have ridden with it in high, humid temps of 95°F or better, running at high speeds headed to the twisties and the engine temp was never an issue.   I even ride in stop & go commuter traffic in during  hot summers and never saw an issue with heat.


It does a  fairly decent job of keeping crud to a minumum on the front of the motor.

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A note regarding the MachineArtMoto Avant Guard for the R1200RS / R1250RS, MachineArtMoto says that with the R1250 models, 2019-2020, that this product cannot be installed with the lower front fairing winglets. It will require the removal of these. I purchased the product for my 2016 R1200RS and it should fit, we will see. Maybe it might need to be modified.

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Sorry, but they did not require any modifications to my 2019 R 1250 RT.  None.  There is plenty of clearance, Clarence.  (Huh?)

After 17,000+ miles there are no marks on the winglets.


When I get back home, I can post better photos.


Edit:  Belay my last.   I am just now comprehending RS.  Dang.  My bad.  Carry on, smartly.  Nothing to read here.  :ohboy:




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I went with the Wunderlich extender. I'm happy with the design and packaging, though it does add some un-sprung weight other designs don't have. The additional weight comes from the longer fasteners, the spacers, and the brackets. I went with it knowing that because I used the type that just attach to the end of the fender with adhesives and no additional support as I had used that type on my GL1800, and the fender broke at its attachment points.



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I had the same problem; not enough protection for the front of the engine on my '99 RT, even with the Fenda Extenda.  So, I added another one.  This one is made from an old automobile innertube so that it has the same shape and curve as the rest of the front fender.  Sometimes it will flip back, but it still protects just as well, maybe more in this configuration (pic#2 and 3).  


The damage is caused from grit in the water picked up from the road and sprayed to the rear from the contact patch.  







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