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Mosko Moto Reckless 80L (V3.0) Revolver Review


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Mosko Moto Reckless 80L V3 Revolver Review intro

After completing a three-month,10,000-mile off-road ride across western North America, I was convinced I’d found the ultimate luggage for hardcore adventure moto travel. My dual-sport took a pounding day after day across rough wilderness trails in scorching heat and freezing blizzards, and through it all the Mosko Moto Reckless 80L System (V2.0) not only held up brilliantly but proved the best and most versatile soft luggage I’ve used in more than 40 years of riding the globe.

So, it came as a surprise when Mosko Moto announced the next-generation version of their largest rackless soft luggage system [smaller R40L (V2.0) and R10L systems are also available]. If you own the R80 (V2.0), then you can hardly imagine Mosko Moto even attempting to improve upon their popular design.

MoskoMoto Reckless Revolver Review FB

With the all-new Reckless R80L (V3.0) Revolver, Andrew Bryden, Mosko Moto’s designer, has created a masterpiece. For those in the market for flexible, minimalist luggage that does not require side pannier racks, and which can cope with the most extreme off-road riding, this may be your Holy Grail. With it, Mosko has set the bar incredibly high. Given the unmistakable quality of its ultra-heavy-duty materials, its minimalistic design, and its myriad of innovative features, the Reckless 80L Revolver is the new gold standard for the rackless soft luggage market in terms of durability, adjustability, expandability, modularity and versatility.

Mosko’s seemingly relentless pursuit of improved durability is apparent in the construction of this luggage, which is more robust than V2.0. The hard-wearing material of the harness legs is now wrapped behind the harness and riveted instead of sewn, and thus more durable under stress. And it’s significantly enhanced by the new Hypalon molle panel, which is stronger than webbing and has better UV resistance. In addition, more Hypalon molle has been applied on the outside of the harness for better crash abrasion protection.

MoskoMoto Reckless Revolver Review 2

One of the key improvements of the R80 Revolver lies in the adjustability of the angle of the harness legs featuring the “holsters” for the side dry bags. The ingenious “revolver” system allows custom fitting of the luggage tightly to the motorcycle’s contours, thus enabling a rock-solid connection, imperative with the pounding of rough terrain. Apart from securing the luggage mass as closely as possible to the bike’s center, the ability to adjust the angle of the harness legs also helps to keep the panniers farther from the exhaust. A separate exhaust-mounted heat shield is also included.

MoskoMoto Reckless Revolver Review 1Improved modularity and versatility was achieved through adding detachable, quick-access, auxiliary pocket holsters that can hold the optional 4L roll-top dry bags or allow stowing smaller items such as gas/water bottles, tool rolls, and inner tubes. I’ve come to greatly appreciate the versatility these Aux Pox holsters offer compared to the non-detachable pockets on the previous version. In addition, the beavertail flaps, as well as the retention and mounting straps, are now detachable/replaceable in case of damage/wear. This also allows the removal of the entire beavertail assembly for minimalist riding if the Stinger 22L Tailbag is not needed. The improved modularity of the system enhances not only the versatility, but also the longevity of the entire assembly, as worn or damaged individual parts can be replaced easily and cost effectively.

Expandability is enhanced with five molle panels that expand luggage capacity through the use of molle pouches and accessories. Initially I thought the many webbing panels were overkill, but soon I found good use for them when carrying wet shoes, a lube, oil, and a food bag for which I had no space in the dry bags.

If you live at the hardcore off-road end of the spectrum, you’ll know that less is more, and that the quality of your gear not only directly affects the quality of your experience, but can make the difference between pushing on or going home. If you like exploring the wilderness and following trails less traveled, regardless of the terrain, then Mosko Moto’s minimalistic gear should appear on your radar sooner rather than later.

MoskoMoto Reckless Revolver Review 4

I’m awestruck by the revolutionary design and the many radically innovative features of the new R80 (V3.0) Revolver. Owning both the R80 (V2.0) and the new R80 Revolver, I’m impressed by Mosko’s ability to drastically improve an already astonishingly good design. In my opinion, Mosko Moto is in a league of their own.


MSRP: $625.00 (no pockets), $745.00 (with two aux. pockets)


  • Less is more philosophy (minimalism)
  • Adjustability of harness leg angle, allowing a tight custom fit
  • Durability (ultra-heavy-duty materials)
  • Modularity, expandability and versatility


  • Some assembly is required
  • Not cheap

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