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Replace Brake Pads


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Jerry Duke

From the R1100 Maintenance Guide on the IBMWR.ORG website:

Rear (GS, R, RT)

remove bags

remove keeper from pin

drive out pin from keeper side (drive toward wheel)

remove caliper bolts - 8 mm hex

remove caliper, rock back and forth on rotor to spread pads

remove old pads

grind or file EBC pads to fit (see above)

insert new pads

drive in pin

insert keeper

install caliper onto rotor

install caliper bolts, torque to 40 Nm (30 ft.lb.)

pump rear brake!!!!!

check fluid level in reservoir

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It was that darn pin that I didn't know what to do with!
Don't feel too bad, they commonly get stuck and occasionally can be a real bear to drive out.
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