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2020 ADVMoto Holiday Gift Guide


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Published in: Gear

2020 ADVMoto Holiday Gift Guide introADVMoto brings you the latest holiday gift guide. Hope it gives you some ideas for your moto friends and familes!

2020 ADVMoto HolidayGiftGuide FB

Gifts under $30

All those “errands” your rider runs are made easier if they can bring back what they ran out for. If you’re feeling spendy get a set with one of each size for $63.

GiantLoop PronghornStraps

Maxima CW Combo 3Pack

Includes three cult favorites—CleanUp to clear the grime and old lube off the chain, MPPL to help ensure the chain is completely free of water, and Maxima’s chain wax to help protect the chain from future grit.






A complete emergency kit put together for types of accidents encountered in trail riding like burns, scrapes and come minor breaks. Not only good to carry on a motorcycle, but any vehicle!

Caselli R1R First Aid Kit

Nobody wants to wear a mask but if you do, make a statement!  These soft, double-layer, washable and made in U.S.A masks come in dirt and street helmet design variations with six different color options. Also check out the merch shop for custom graphic tee-shirts, hoodies, decals and more!


  • The “$#!% THAT’S TONIGHT?” Special: Price varies, available at auto parts stores, truck stops, or gas stations on the way to the party.

A can of electrical contact cleaner, a roll of shop towels, and a box of nitrile gloves. Nearly anyone can find a use for these things and is probably running low on at least one of them in their garage or toolbox.

Last Minute Gift 2

Gifts under $100

  • Rabaconda Aluminum Tire Iron Wrench Kit: $39 — Rabaconda.com

These handy gadgets combine a set of featherweight aluminum spoons with closed end wrenches that cover the most common sizes needed to remove a wheel on the trail.

Rabaconda Tire iron wrench kit

Having tools along for the ride is just a good idea. These tool rolls are designed by riders and built to be just as bombproof as the rest of their famed luggage.


Keep chains lubed up for miles with an automatic chain oiler that needs no electrical or vacuum connections.

Motobriiz Chain Oiler

This thing is BRIGHT and definitely helps with rearward conspicuity. The low-profile design and license plate bracket make install a cinch too.

Denali B6 3

Gifts over $100

  • Ram Mount Tough-Charge with X-GripTech: $129.49 — RamMount.com

Keep your phone charged on the go with a weatherproof wireless charger and phone mount in one.

RAM ToughCharge XGrip

Mosko has teamed up with CruzTools to bring a choice selection of general-purpose tools to suit any ADV rider. This kit fits in either of their tool rolls with room to spare for specialty tools for specific bikes.

moskomoto ADV toolkit

For the Kiddos

How cool is this toy motocrosser that harkens back to days of XR600Rs dominating Baja?

Playmobile Motocross

A stress-free learning experience to get your little rider balancing on two wheels. The tough nylon composite frame and forks are lighter than steel or wood, won’t rust and holds up to years of learning.

Firstbike FAT orange


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