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COVID-19 and Tow truck drivers


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This little story is related to my “water in fuel“ in the Cam heads forum.


The RT is in a parking lot about a mile and a half from home. Downhill from where I live, otherwise I might’ve even considered pushing it. I don’t have a trailer.


But, I do have AAA towing with RV and motorcycle! My wife was on her way to an appointment and I had her drop me off where the motorcycle was. (I had previously gone by and pulled off the side bags and the top case and made sure I had straps to help make sure the tow driver did a careful strap down.)


After my wife dropped me off, I called AAA and gave them the details. They were polite and professional as always. But then they said, “...and of course you know because of the Covid restrictions you will not be allowed to ride with the driver. Also know that because it is a motorcycle you will be required to be at both the pick up end and the drop off end.”  I’m fine with that, but I also knew that the tow truck driver was not going to wait for Uber to show up, and Uber was not going to sit and wait until the tow truck driver showed up.


So, I canceled the tow until later tonight when my wife returns and we can go sit and wait together for the tow truck driver to arrive, and then follow him.  I’m not really upset, I guess I should’ve thought it through more.  An FYI for the rest of ya.

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That's why I bought me a wife and she has a truck and she can hook up the trailer to come get me when I fall down.


If'n it would have come to that point with me where I would need a driver to come, once AAA would have given me the tow truck company, I'da contacted them directly and asked if they are following the Covid thing.  

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Timely thread. I watched a tow truck hook up to a car yesterday. Then watched the two car occupents get into the tow truck.......Never thought about it at the moment, but that is confined area. Illegal to ride in the towed vehicle or the bed of the truck in Texas now......

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49 minutes ago, John Ranalletta said:

A virus wouldn't survive in most of the tow trucks I've been in...

Or it just might thrive like no other! 

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John Ranalletta
1 hour ago, Hosstage said:

Or it just might thrive like no other! 


Have to say the last tow, when a pothole took out both driver's side tires/rims, was a surprise.  The flatbed arrived sparkling clean inside and out.  The young fellow operating the rig was clean-shaven, dressed in biz casual and was a non-smoker so the cab didn't smell like a beer bar.  

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