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If a motorcycle costs $25k, no wonder cars are $100+

John Ranalletta

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I never thought I'd spend a chunk of money for a bicycle, but, I did.  I bought a full carbon fiber bike for $2500.  I rode that thing M-F 25-50 a day (depending on if I would go on a 25m lunch ride) and 30-100+m on a weekend day.  Bicycle now hangs in the garage with 4k on the odometer.


So, ya, I can see it.  We paid right at $50k for the wife's Sierra two years ago, not fully loaded, but it ain't missing much.

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1 hour ago, TEWKS said:

A New TB GSA with hard side panniers and a nav 6 is pushing 27K. :eek: As nice as it is, I’m just not feeling it today. :dontknow: 


I felt froggy, so I jumped.

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