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Texas New-Bee Here


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Hello Everyone

 New, just joined today. I live in the Deep South Tip Of Texas. I thought I'd get back into a BMW bike. Had a 2000 K1200LT. This time bought a Barn find. A 1994 K1100LT (52,000 mileage). I really liked this Bike. I had pulled off the faring and other stuff to make a cruiser with it. But it turned out to have a bad engine (Locked up). So I guess now for the time being, I'll be looking out for another K Bike while I part this bike out.  The 1st picture is of the K1200LT I had.

  At the moment I tool around on a 1982 GL1100 Goldwing that I turned into a Naked Goldwing as they call them. Nice Bike but as the K1200LT was, it's a BEAST! The 2nd picture is that Bike.

  I'm retired and get bored easily. So I find things to do......:classic_biggrin:



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Thank You. Got it fairly cheap. Should recoup cost soon. Or since I'm looking for another k bike, parts may come in handy.


Take Care

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