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Helen Twowheels 100%


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Just a quick note commending the staff at Helen Twowheels. Prior to a recent trip, I purchased the medium-size clothes sack.

While packing said sack, both corners on the "neck" of the bag tore approx. one inch, which surprised me after all I had read about her system.

Upon my return, I sent Helen an email along with pictures of the damage. She responded within a couple hours, asking me to mail her the damaged bag for an immediate replacement. A few days later, I had a replacement bag with no further issues. Thanks Helen!




Helen Twowheels Site

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They are (she is) good people. I dropped by her shop here in town unannounced to help pick out some luggage, and she got out one of everything they make to demonstrate them, then "installed" the tie downs for the one I bought onto my bike personally, etc. Good products, nice lady, who rides.


My bag's been through a lot of rain and has never leaked a drop. And it STAYS where you lash it down. I've even checked it on airlines, and they've failed to injure it. It's the real deal, IMHO.

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Yeah, I plan on adding more of her bags to my collection. They seem very tough and durable, and rain-proof! I haven't tried any of the strap-system she sells.


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She is quite a character as well. I met her at a rest stop in Utah and look forward to running into her again.

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I have used her products for the last 6 years and find them to be top shelf items. 2 sleeping bag bags, 1 tent bag, straps, and wet towel bag. Hellen and I will have at least 1 six pack at a rally and I promise I have seen her personally exchange products with no questions. She is good people and stands behind her product line! cool.gif

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I haven't tried any of the strap-system she sells.


You gotta' get the straps. They are terrific and are made to work with the "slotted" straps on the bags. You cinch 'em down tight, and unlike bungies, your bags just won't move. Period. They're not expensive, and they work.

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An update: I wrote to tell her that her products were being well - spoken of here, and she wrote back to say she'll be at Erhard BMW in Canton, MI next weekend:



I'll be doing a couple of demos at the newly purchased

Pelc/Erhard/Southeastern MI BMW dealer's Grand Opening on Saturday the

20th... then it will be the Chicken Rally and Square Route for me!


I'm having such a great time!


Thanks again and say, "Hey!" to all the boys for me!



Helen Twowheels, the BEST bag lady!

Ann Arbor, Michigan

78 BMW R100S, The Black Beast

88 BMW K100RS, VERY Special K



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