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A extra pleasant morning commute

Peter W

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It may seem upon reading this that I really need to get a life since such a simple thing could possibly cheer me up, but I spend so much of my precious time commuting (although most delightfully so on a bike) that even little things can make me smile. Splitting lanes on the infamous 405 here in L.A. this morning I came up behind an LEO on an RTP who was splitting quite admirably. He came to a rather large truck in the number 2 lane and the truck moved to the right to let him by. Upon gaining passage, the LEO raised his arm straight up high and extended two fingers in a peace sign of thanks. Never have I seen such an exaggerated expression from our friends on that side of the law. I, behind him, came upon same said truck, and he moved to let me by, too. In passing between him and some drool cage at 40+ mph our eyes met in his mirror and I gave my thanks in the way of a nod, and he nodded back and gave a great smile. Amazing what can transpire in fractions of a second under such circumstances.


All in all, made my 35 mile commute a bit more enjoyable. I have no life at all.



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Oh don't kid yourself man, you have a life alright. You know how to appreciate the small and seemingly insignificant things of our existence. It is just these exceptions to the norm that make life's mundane events worth living, if you can see it.

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What hophead said.


I always give a thumbs up when somebody gives me extra room, your story is the first I've ever heard of CHP thanking a driver. When I'm in the car I always move WAY over for bikes when they are splitting in an effort to train the other drivers.

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Great story Peter clap.gif.


I think all of us who commute and lane split can appreciate your tale. Thanks a million for sharing that! smile.gif

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Yup , indeedy, even here where it is 'common' smile.gif


I happened to go to the airport this morning and encountered unexpected heavy traffic.... had to split lanes for more than 20 kilometers all in all.


MANY of the drivers really made an effort to make room when they saw me.... interestingly most that did not make an effort AT ALL turned out to be foreign drivers ! There was a government campaign last year 'teaching' our drivers that bikes ARE allowed to split and that driver ARE expected to make some room..... it really helped !!! ).


I still don't like lane splitting though..... so I evaded the busy parts of the rout on the way home wink.gif



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