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BaDass Scooter!


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They took the engine and transmission out of a XC 750 and turned it into a sorta scooter.  DCT transmission and a chain drive.  But we wont see it in the states anytime soon.

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I like it, people laughed at the Pacific Coast when it came out but I'd bet Honda sold a bunch of em. A new category and the next logical step, adventure scooter, I'd imagine BMW is already eyeing it as a future competitor. Not much ground clearance so you won't be hopping many logs but appears to have a long wheelbase which makes it more stable in sand or just about any off road surface. Not a fan of the feet forward riding position but it has folding pegs located about where they'd be on an Adv bike which was smart. Here's a longer video.



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Footpegs and floorboards would be nice, but I have not spotted the brake pedal(s?) and the Honda site suggests it might be one or the other, depending on your choice of Adventure/Touring/Style Pack. Maybe a mix-n-match hybrid could be made with a'la carte parts?

Lots of plastic for an off-road bike. Could there be tip-over protection under the plastic, like the ST1300?

I've seen no mention of cruise control.

I can't find any mention of bringing it to the U.S.




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Note that the X-ADV has been around for a few years now, and this is just the intro of the updated model.  I saw one in Wales in last year.  The rider said he was really happy with it.

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I like it !!    Looks like the big brother to the 150cc model.  I saw the 150 in person recently up on the UP in Michigan.   I thought it was a "manly" looking scooter and would be great to tool around town.   This looks even better for touring. 





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