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travel through Columbia, MO


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Anyone traveling through Columbia, MO or there abouts on the way to Gunnison? I am toying with the idea of going but would like some company. I have done the 750 miles to Colorado Springs in the day -- Kansas is hell, flat and no gas.

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Calvin  (no socks)

Doc, I was looking forward to Kansas... bncry.gif

Someone said it was flat,he--, no gas... I can deal with the first two...but no gas...Help..I will be traveling secondary roads...and some back roads....

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Paul Mihalka

From Kansas City toward Pueblo/Gunnison I did it a few times. I found this a nice alternative to honking on I-70: South I-35, rt.56 to south of Great Bend, rt. 156 to Garden City, and then rt. 50 to Pueblo/Gunnison. Avoid Dodge City - it stinks, literally! Not as boring as a interstate, very little traffic. With gas I tend to fill up about 50 miles before I need to, so no problems. With the R1100RT I used to start looking for gas at 200 miles, now with the R1150R at 150.

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