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Garmin Customer Service


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six outta five stars!!!


My Nav VI is acting wonky again.  The first time, I felt stoopid as I went to the dealer and all he did was clean the face,.....it stayed steady and functioned properly after that (several months ago).  Anyway, it started up again yesterday, so, I updated everything, cleaned the screen, and nope, didn't fix it.


When the map shows, the screen wiggles as if you are holding your finger on it and it doesn't track properly.  On the compass, its fine. 


So, I contacted customer support, Nav VI is outta warranty by a month, yet they gave me a return order for a replacement.  Yippykiya.


This is the second time I've contacted Garmin support.  The first time was in 2005 for a couple of Rino 120's that I picked up while in Iraq.  On return to Okinawa from Iraq, I'd use the little Rino's for navigating the island on my road bicycle.  Over some vibrations, the rino's would shut off.  I thought it was an issue with one, but it was both.  Contacted Garmin, they had me send them both back and I got two new Rino's.  I even told Garmin that I purchased them second hand. 


They are awesome!!!!

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Richard, I agree that Garmin customer service is great! Maybe part of why they are expensive?

I bought a new Zumo back when they came out. Sent it back twice under warranty. No charge...but a different unit. It has gone back twice after that, they charge $100 for service on them. Again, different units were shipped back. So far my Nav  V has been just fine. 


All this has me hesitant to pay the exorbitant price for the newer higher end Garmins however. Maybe the Zumo was just a lemon design?


That said, I have found the Garmin units to be my favorite by far when it comes to intuitive design and function. 

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Yup, great service. I had a Nav IV replaced. Recently picked up an inReach tracker which had software issues and they listened, updated, and followed up with me. 


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Good job posting a positive review. Too often people are only sufficiently motivated to post about a problem if the customer service was sub-par. That was my thought when I opened this and was happy to read it was an attaboy rather than a rant. Even better since I'm considering the new Zumo XT...

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If only their software engineers were as good as their customer service!

They're still probably the best stuff out there, though.

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I totally agree on the Garmin Customer Service.  With more than a dozen units over the past 20+ years there have been numerous calls to them for all kinds of things, from basic instruction to really bizarre situations, and they have always gone "above and beyond" in a very polite and professional manner.  

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I had total wonkyizm taking over my nav VI as well and now I’m on my 3rd nav VI

Garmin is the best In customer service. Simple and fast, 4-5 days from ship to reinstall


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