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Mixing Tire Brands


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Anyone ever mix brands when buying tires? I just replaced my front (due to a nail), and have since wore through the rear. I'm on Battlax Bt20's and want to possilby try something different on the back. Any suggestions?

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I've mixed brands with no problems on my RT's. In particular I've used a rear Dunlop Sportmax with a front Pirelli Dragon GT and a Metzler 4 front with a Sportmax rear.

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Unless you ride really aggressive, I dont; think you'll ever notice. The only time its a problem is that one tire can heat up sooner than another, and sometimes the tire profiles and handling charatersitics don't match well, but unless you dragging the heads around turns, this bike is so soft and comfy, I doubt you'll ever notice. Do get me wrong, this bike handles great but it's not a supersport machine. Just make sure they are similar tires. Don't put a Michelin Pilot Race and a Pilot Road tire or a Dunlop D220 and a D208 together. One is for touring/sport touring, the other is for canyon carving or road racing.


I have mixed tire brands on my ZX9R, which is a supersport machine, I never rode that bike really hard, but they felt fine. One was a Michelin Pilot Road, the other was a Avon something or other sport touring tire.


I think Metzler Z6 or Michelin Pilot Roads are the way to go. I never cared much for Dunlops or Bridgestones I've had in the past. That Avon wasn't so great either.

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I've mixed bias belt front with radial rear (on my old K75).


The rear was Z rated - don't remember front (but I always kept it light in the turns)


No real problems

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