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accessory shelf R1200RT


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I'm new to this forum and just traded my 99 1100RT on a 06 R1200RT I'm looking for an accessory shelf for gps radar dector cellphone mp3 and whatever else. any ideas?

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Get the BMR Produces Copilot shelf! It works great and is alot stronger than the RCU shelf.


Bill in Phoenix

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I'd like to chime in for the Farkle Bar. Everything can be moved/viewed at any given time and very easy to install, using only the modules you need. Cheers, Ralph


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Thanks for all the input. I'll pick the new bike up tommorrow the dealer was talking RCU but wanted two hours shop time to fab brackets so it wouldn't vibrate. I've looked at your suggestions and I ordered the BMR today. I'll probably be back looking for wiring help after I've mounted it. Thanks again for steering me in the right direction.

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For anyone looking at the Farklebar here's another option from the GadgetGuy. At most it appears as if it can hold two devices, costs about $50 more, and from the instructions it appears to be MUCH more difficult to install... BUT it is a really clean looking unit once it is installed! thumbsup.gif



Linky to GadgetGuy R12RT mount




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I also have the BMW Co Pilot shelf. On it I have a GPS and and XM radio. It works well and the craftsmanship is very good. I got hooked up with BMR with my K1200LT they are very good.

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