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Best VFR Touring Windshield?


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Well, the passion for my 'new to me' '01 VFR hasn't abated yet, however, the desire to 'farkleize' is growing...


There are several small changes I'd like to make (generally, the previous owner did a great job setting it up).


I'm a bit spoiled with the low wind noise I have when riding my Cee Baileyized RT, and the the near zero bug count on my visor after a day on the RT. This also helps diminish wind induced fatigue on a long ride


I've posted the same basic question on the VFR site, but since there are several VFR owners here, I wanted to ask on this site as well.


So...for those of you who have VFR's, and have added a wind mitigating device, what do you feel does the best job?


I've seen GIVI, Laminar Lip, and another device (MRA??: lip attached to windshield with pivoting brackets?), but what works best at diverting the airflow over the helmet (or at least higher) and thereby diminishing bugsplat and wind noise?


Laney, Dick, Steve?? Comments??

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For my money, or lack thereof, the stock windscreen is near perfect. Wind gets me at mid chest up to shoulder height keeping really clean air around my helmet which goes a long way toward reducing wind noise. No form of bar backs or risers for me either as the bike just fits. Ditto with the Blackbird. I had a double bubble on there for a bit and it moved the air up off my chest and right into my helmet. The air was still fairly clean but I no longer got the benefit of the wind helping me to stay light on the bars. Neck and shoulder fatigue shortly followed as did removal of the windscreen with a return to stock.


Plexus takes care of the bugs and whatnot as does a wet washrag tucked into the rear pocket of my Marsee tank bag. To me, clean air around my helmet is far more important than wind, or even rain protection. In fact, at this time of year, I tend to go looking for showers to ride through.


I'll be riding the 'bird over to Tampa tomorrow with around a noon departure. Predicted 91 degrees through the center of the state with R.H. around 60%. Now, where did I put that Coolmax undersuit?

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Ditto, for the stock screen. I've tried the GIVI brand, but did experience an increase in wind roar as it moved the air up to the neck area. Then added the SANG edging, which helped with the wind roar, but then I realized that during the warm weather I prefer the stock shield as it provided more cooling relief. So now I just leave the stock screen on all the time. When it gets really hot, I'm back to the RT as its cooler, as there is minimal heating from the engine, where as the VFR will cook my right leg/side when in traffic. So its nice to have a choice in bikes to ride!

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