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Hey - it's a milestone for *me* (50k on the RT!)


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I don't rack up the kind of mileage that many folks around here do, but given my limited riding time, I'm happy to announce that today I rolled the odo over to 50,000! And there's not a single commuting mile in there, it's all recreational and vacational riding. The RT ('99) has been a great bike, and I plan to keep it around for a while. I s'pose I'll have to start budgeting for final-drive issues etc, but so far the only issues I have had are the windshield switch/relay - sometimes she work, sometimes she don't.


The KZ is nearing 15k, and those are (since I bought it used with 6k miles) rough city miles. I sometimes think about getting a KLR to replace it, but for now the KZ will remain my trusty city steed, living a rough life on the streets of Manhattan, getting knocked over by blind parkers, getting branded by careless smokers who flick their butts at it, etc etc etc...



Chris (aka Tender Vittles )

Little '77 KZ400 in the Big Apple

Black '99 RT for Everywhere Else, such as ...


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Many congrats to you and the RT, Chris. Only recreational miles? Wow. Are your bikes jealous of one another? My dander got up when I remembered the toads who used your KZ for an ashtray. I guess, living on an island, you have to expect such weirdness.

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Frank Cloud

Congratulations Chris, if the last two riding years hadn't sucked so bad, I'd probably be with you, instead, I'm at 35k. Maybe I'll turn up the heat on our pitiful miles this summer. All mine are recreational as well.


Good job. thumbsup.gif

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