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Top Case - Hard or Soft


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I have a 1100 RT (was an RT-P) until I added the rear seat and luggage rack. I need to add some extra storage space. It seems that the "normal" way is to add a hard top case. However, I see some "soft" cases for GS bikes from places like Adventurers Workshop that would seem fine for my purposes plus let me easily take the case of when I get to where I am going.


Anyone have any comments on using the soft cases?





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It's my impression that the hard top cases are preferred because they lock and they provide a hard backrest for the passenger. If neither of those are compelling and you want something removable, I say go for the soft luggage.


Personally, I miss the RT-P's radio box. Perfect size for around-town trips and more convenient than the side cases.

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Thanks. It occurs to me that I might have posted this in the wrong area.


All of my trips have been on cruisers and they have all used some sort of soft luggage, althought they are more like packs. I think I'll try Wolfman Tail Pack. It appears to be the same general size as the 33 liter top case and I should be able to take it off and into the motel room at the end of the day's travels. It's just not as big as I'd like.

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If you're riding solo, what I did a few times on my RT was to leave the topcase at home and instead use a regular duffel bag and put in lengthwise behind you extending over the pillion seat and luggage rack. Its easy to tie down or take off and carry to your room.


If you get one the right size, it won't hang of the back end, it'll be aerodynamic since its directly behind you and also serves as a back rest for you. Waaaay more container space than any topcase and as much or not more than the side cases combined.

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