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California Sport Touring Anyone?


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I've dealt with them twice. Both times, I was lukewarm on them. I paid for and got my stuff, but that's the extent of my positive comments.


The first time, they screwed up my name when taking my order, so my credit card approval didn't go through. No one called. I called a couple weeks later to check on the order, and found out about the problem then.


There is an 800 number to place an order, and a non-toll-free number to check the status. I was chastised when I used the 800 number, and told I had to call back on the other number. I'm pretty sure the same person picked up the phone both times - it's not like there was some call center dedicated to taking orders.


The second time, one of the items I ordered was back ordered. I got everything else in a timely manner, but no followup on the back order. I finally called about a month later. It was suggested to me that I could save money by going to Radio Shack and buying the same cable I had ordered from them.


Both orders were for Starcom intercom equipment. At the time, I couldn't find any other distributors. Now there are others out there, and I won't go back to CA Sport Touring if I can help it.

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I guess that I've had a rather different experience with them. Probably had 3-4 orders with them, and always got what I ordered, and FAST service.


I rate them thumbsup.gif



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My experience was good. I bought a TwinMax from them, that arrived fast but was defective, due to no fault of theirs. They gave me a RMA# then promptly replaced it.

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I've dealt with them only once and had a positive experience. I purchased replacement H4 bulbs, I believe they were the Phillips Vision Plus. Order was received promtly, no problemo.

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I have done business with them a couple times. No problems noted, everything went as it should. I would do business with them again! thumbsup.gif

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I've actually been to their brick&mortar in Hercules, CA. It's a dangerous place that is usually very *expensive* to escape. blush.gif Be sure to pet the huge dog lounging in back.


The prices are generally pretty good and I've had excellent service from them. Highly recommended!

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They are one of the few stores that sell a heated grip kit with a nice looking switch. Good price, shipped my stuff. Typical internet shopping experience. Nothing went wrong, I never talked to anyone.

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Yep, got a few things from them with great results. I also spoke with them several times over the phone and they were very nice.

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California Sport Touring is about 15 miles from my house so I go there often. I have always got good prices and great service from them and recommend them to all my friends.

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