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### NHTSA Contact about Recalled Brakes ###


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Wooly's told me at the 18k service that it is gonna happen, but I do not have any evidence of leaks so they will wait when things slow down a little.   They had priorities for folks that wanted it resolved or that had leaks.   I am about 2,000 miles from the next service, so it will happen then.  Not worried, but I am sure they will have no choice but to swap 'em out.


@fourteenfour  did you have any leaking calipers?

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I never noticed seepage but I was told at my annual last October that there was evidence and I would end up having to replace them. I fell perfectly into the little to know miles ridden as 2020 was just a special year.  I put 2500 miles on in quick time after buying the bike around Labor Day 2019 and then boom...  next to no miles the next year.


Now the search is on for something I want to keep and ride as I am pretty much done with the brand.

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