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TB sync for an 1150


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Getting ready to do the first TB sync on my dual-plug 1150, I checked my Clymers manual. I've done this procedure a few times on my old bike, an R11RS. However, Clymer states that for the 1150, you have to have the dealer do it. Is this right? Is the 1150 different from the 1100? I suspect Clymer got that info from BMW who wants to do ALL the work on your BMW bike. The bike manuals don't even give you the list of periodic maintenance items. BMW has also removed this list from their website where it used to be posted.

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Blue Beemer Dude

Steve is correct. You can do it. I've never done an airhead, so I don't know if the plumbing is a little different, but heck, how hard could it be?


It really sucks when a repair manual tells you (incorrectly) that you have to go to a dealer to have something done.



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