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Vented Boots - Do Any of Them Keep Your Feet Cool?


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I've wanted a pair of vented boots for a long, long time. My feet are forever in Summer mode - it's almost always hot inside boots for me. Engine heat doesn't mean much compared to the internal heat my very own feet are capable of, and the name "Streamwalker" came about because I pull off my boots and get my feet in water every chance I get. cool.gif


But which ones really let the air through? I've seen BMW Airflow boots, Sidi Champion Air, and have seen photos of a couple other Sidi styles, along with some made by Icon.


Some of them have to work, so which ones are they? smile.gif

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Hey Laney


I've tried a couple of those Sidi air vent ones and they felt hot....There seems to be a trade off between water proof and cool....if you don't mind the chance of getting wet(shouldn't bother someone called Streamwalker) These are the only ones I've used that actually kept my feet a little cooler...





Good Luck


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I have the BMW vented boots. I wear them with thin socks in the summer and I can feel the air coming in. They are cooler. They are not water-proof nor as sturdy as regular motorcycle boots.

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I've had a pair of the BMW Airflow boots for a few years now...they work just fine BUT I've found they also let in heat as well as they let it out..... kinda bad when riding a K that radiates so much down low.

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Ths Sidi vented boots are OK and cooler than the standard ones but it's a trade off with boot strength and protection like vented jackets....Maybe "you can't get there from here"..........Protection AND cool.......



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In summer I wear the BMW Street Sneakers and they are very comfortable in several ways:

1. My feet are kept cool

2. Excellent sense of feel for shifting and braking

3. Very comfortable walking in

They aren't immediate step in - it's like putting on a high top sneaker and they are not for wet weather. But on 200 mile trips I really like them. Protection seems decent - hard shields for the ankle bone and good bottoms but you'd get a bit more in a regular boot. I only wish there was a faster way to put them on - I commute to work in them and although tying and untying them is trivial, I'd like to be able to just zip them up and go. I'm still a very satisfied user - just less patient than most.

Also, I cannot overemphasize the importance of the socks. I used to be miserable with recurring athlete's foot until I switched to microfiber/wicking socks for running, exercise, and work (I used to wear flight boots daily). Huge quality of footwear improvement when I changed. I started with some wicking (Wigwam) socks from Campmor (www.campmor.com) then got CoolMax and other brands. I went to a thin microfiber running sock (also got a higher end running shoe with way better ventilation) and haven't had a problem since. My next set of socks I get for the Street Sneaker will be a thinner running sock - those are usually available only in a running store or catalog - but I think it'll make the shoe even more comfortable.


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I tried the Sidi vented summer boots and they felt hot to me. I sold them and got some BMW air flow boots. My feet never feel too hot with the BMW boots. If I want a little extra breeze I take my foot off the peg and stick it in the wind for a few seconds. That really gets the air flowing! I never wear them if I think it is going to rain tho.

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So far - 3 votes for BMW Airflow, one for BMW Street Sneakers, one sorta vote for Sidi Champion Air boots -(I think that was a vote in favor smile.gif) and one for Kochmann Scout boots.


Two votes for the right socks. I have some Coolmax socks, but they make things much worse when my boots don't breathe. I most often wear regular un-vented Sidi Champions, and they're made of a synthetic material that feels even hotter than leather. Unless it's kind of cold they feel kind of like wearing plastic rainboots with neoprene socks underneath eek.gif


Vented boots, even with hot air running through them, will at least let my socks dry out. I don't mind wet feet from rain coming in, but wet socks from the inside are just plain yucky. crazy.gif

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I HATE sweaty feet too. Bought two pairs of Sidis (Strada and Champion Tepors), and couldn't believe how hot and uncomfortable the Champions were. And these were the revised '05 model (nicer looking sole, etc), before it was discontinued; sent them right back.


Kept the Strada Tepors, but felt a bit hot too, but tolerable. Were tight with my coolmax socks; need to get some of those thin ones mentioned here.

The best boots I've had were the Alpinestars SMX. They were also lorica (synthetic stuff), but were lined in leather; that's what made the difference IMO, not the synthetic or natural leather.

Use a pair of Alpinestars shoes for summer, but don't like the safety compromises.

Finally, there're 2 similar models of Sidi air boots: Champion and Strada. If I find them cheap enough, might try the Stradas...and ditch the shoes. Will continue to follow this thread for more advice. Later.

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I wear the Sidi Evo Air and enjoy the heat relief and excellent protection.


My lady bought a pair of the Sidi ladies air boots and she's pleased with the cooling.

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The best I've got is BMW leather boots. Not only are they stylishly hot, they're very comfortable as well.





BMW Leather Boots - Get the BMW Riders Apparel Catalog by BMW Motorrad

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+1 for BMW Air flows....


Me too. When my feet get really hot, I turn my feet outward into the wind and the breeze blows right though them. smile.gif

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The BM Airflow boots are very good for coolness and comfort. Only word of caution would be that after an unexpected soaking the soles started to come off mine! They're not the best made boots in the world....

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