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Oil Filter Question ?

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I'm looking to find a oil filter for my 2013 R1200RT and I'm a bit confused.


Even looking here, I'm still not sure what I need.


Based on what I found here, it looks like those would be OK:


I went on the K&N Website and the KN-164 is listed for a 2012 R1200RT but for the 2013 R1200RT, it looks like it should be the KN-160


I know I should trust you more that the K&N website, but it's not the first time that part for that bike seems to be confused on different web site regarding the 2012 and 2013.


Thanks for all your inputs !

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Those are the correct p/n's for your camhead. I believe the KN-160 is for the W/C which did not come in the RT until 2014. I'm sure someone will have that info and chime in.

I use the Mahle or the HiFlo depending on what is in stock at my local store. fwiw. :18:

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I use the Mann or Mahle.

I believe those are both OEM depending on supplier availability. This was what I was told. Can't go wrong with either one. 

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Boyd's Auto

You can get both the Mahle and the Mann Filter through Rock Auto, cheaper than other bike specific Stores.



’08 RT

’04 Ducati St3

’67 BSA 441 

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