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Lessons from Kinsely reflecting on an "Off Day" -

Indy Dave

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What do you do when you have an "off day"?


During Blowing Rock's START in Sept 2018, Kinsley and I were riding solo and we just happened to cross paths. He had stopped to take a break on the side of the road. This video is part of our conversation that afternoon (text continues below video) :



There are a couple of take a ways here:


1. Take a break, reset and rethink what you're doing. If you're like me, and I know I am, my tendency is to just try harder and push on and assume things will just get better. Maybe I'll ease up a nit - but pull over and stop - are you kidding, I don't have time for that!?! :5150:  Here's Ken, leading by example - re-setting, re-thinking and taking the time to regroup and think things over. Take a break, get off the bike and reset yourself.     


2. Put you ego aside! As Ken and I get ready to head out - he reminds me to ride my own ride and to not feel any pressure. Despite being a rider of significantly greater skill than me, he's not feeling any pressure to "keep up with me" :3:.


If we're honest with ourselves - that's much easier said than done.








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5 hours ago, Indy Dave said:

If we're honest with ourselves - that's much easier said than done.


Thanks for sharing this Dave!  I recall one time on the Dragon I was an erratic idiot, riding like a"noobie", ham-fisted and all.  Did I stop and reset?  HELL NO!  I just knew that working harder would get better results...and of course it didn't.   I promised myself that I'd never let that happen again, and I rode the Dragon again last week and was "in tune" with the bike and the road, and thus much smoother (and enjoyable).  So there's my confession....  :5223: 

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Thank you @Indy Dave for the reminder.

I do those resets on a regular basis. Find a nice shady area, like a small church parking lot and just circle the bike a few times.

Sometimes just removing the helmet and having a sip of water will clear the head and straighten everything back out.


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I've given this advice so many times to others. Just take a minute and hit the reset button. Sometimes just backing it down, slowly going down the road for a while is enough to make that happen. Sometimes you have to pull over and regroup. 


I was with Ken, Alan, Chris K and Joel up in the North GA mountains riding a lot of years back. I was on old faithful (my R1100RT) and the rest of the crew was on some form of GS.  We got into the really tight 2nd gear turns where the GS definitely has an advantage. The RT can manage that environment as well, but you need to really be doing it well and find that correct groove. Instead, I found myself going in too fast, not holding any kind of line much less a good one and over-braking.  I backed it down for just a few minutes and slowly crept back up to find my groove and a decent pace. When I did, I was smooth and quickly caught up to the leaders. 


I learned something that day. When it's not right, don't push it. A bad position or riding flow tends to get worse, not better. :)



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Riding through Rocky Mountain NP a few years ago, I guess I hadn't gotten enough rest the night before so I was nodding off. I recognized this was bad (yay me!) and pulled off at a rest area and found a place to lie down for a "power nap". I was downhill from the paved parking on a comfy bed of pine needles when a young'un must have spotted me (hi-viz yellow 'Stich, good to know it works!) and said (in the quiet way 6-year olds have) "Is he dead?"


I opened my eyes and looked at him and assured him that no, I was just resting. Why he immediately ran off, I have no idea.


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