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Procedure for setting radio country code?


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Is there a procedure for setting the radio country code on bike, or does it require the dealer's tech terminal?


I can't get any AM radio stations, and I read in the forum about a possible solution by seting the country code to US. After a radio swap, the tech at the dealer could not make it go, and I'm trying to help. Thanks for any help.

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Stephen H

The instructions below are copied from a post back in Sept last year .... written by Pigtrotters ...I would add a link but I could not get it to work ... use the search function to locate it for all the discussion


switch your radio on and then immediately press and hold down the 'MAN' button. Watch the screen (not the windscreen, the readout screen!! ) and let it cycle through all the radio options. Keep holding down the MAN button until an 8 digit code comes up (radio serial number code). Once you get to there, use the seek button to see what country code you have. If its wrong, use the volume up/down button to change it. Once you have the correct one, turn the radio off and turn it on again so it can re-set itself.


Thats it.

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I'm wondering if you can use that same (or similar) procedure to adjust the "aux input" volume thereby eliminating the need for an amp. In cycling through the options, did you see any aux volume function?

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