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throttlemeister question


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i was installing the throttlemeister on my R1150RS and as i was tighting one of the bolts i heard a "pop" and now i cannot remove or tighten the bolt. any suggestions? dopeslap.gif

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Yeah, you broke off the little tang that protrudes from the internal slug which contains your threads. The slug is now spinning inside the bar and likely is no longer in line with its hole.


You are kinda between a rock and a hard place here as you need to remove the throttle to access the area and you can't cause the TM is on the end of the bar. Try pulling like mad on the TM while loosening the bolt. You might get lucky and the slug will jam on the burr on the end of the bar, or, the whole thing could just pull out of the bar.


If that doesn't work your gonna have to hurt some parts. Drill through the grip and throttle housing and into the slug, don't try and drill through and don't use too big a bit and you might be able to save things. A small Philips screwdriver inserted into the hole should lock the insert in place and you can then remove the bolt, TM and throttle sleeve gaining access to the bare bar. You can then reposition the insert and make a more permenant repair using either Loctite shaft and bearing mount or, so long as you started with the drilling, a small roll pin to re=secure the insert.


This time, trial fit the TM using only a little bit of torque and get your shim pack right. Then use Loctite 242 removable thread locker to keep the mounting bolt in place rather than brute force. Don't get enthusiastic with that stuff either. You only need one, small drop.


You probably won't notice the small hole in the grip and the hole inside the throttle sleeve can be cleaned up with a small round file and all will work as before.


BTW, if the above sounds like I have some experience in this matter, well, let's just say I ain't talkin'. wink.gif

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