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2up riding on a 2007K1200GT


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I’ve done a lot of 2 up riding on a Harley Electra Glide Ultra Classic. My wife enjoys her ‘Queen Seat’ on the Harley. I purchased a 2007 K1200GT 2 weeks ago and have enjoyed it riding it solo from WA to Montana and back. Now, we are leaving for Montana, Wyoming and the Dakota’s. 
mom looking for opinions on comfort etc. Please. 

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Traveled most the the US West 2 up with stock seat and large luggage like TEWKS. My wife is fine on it.

Make sure you get a audio system so you can talk to each other....and listen to music.

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3 hours ago, Qball said:

What kind of audio system do you recommend?

I’d recommend this, the Sena SMH10 but depending on desired features, you can move up the line. Now this probably goes without saying, the smh10 is not an audio system but a connection to one. (smart phone) 

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10 hours ago, BamaJohn said:

Sena 50S is MUCH clearer on mesh than earlier models on bluetooth 

When it’s time to step up I’ll go right to the top on this recommendation. (now I need to find out what mesh is) No really! :D 

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