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Jackie Paul - Brunken


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Jackie and I met on this forum. Back in 2001, I posted a link to a story I wrote about a trip I took in the Swiss Alps. She responded. Back then this site was called bmwr1100rt.com, iirc. Jackie had her glacier green R1100RT and I had my limited edition dark-grey R1100RT. 

We met in person in August of that year, and one thing led to another. Tied the knot in 2003. Fromt his forum, we attended some informal meet-ups at the BMW MOA nationals, some at the Chief Joseph rally in John Day, OR. We also did an UnRally. I remember Doc47, Sputnik, Kitsap, Batsomething, and many more. 


Now, 19 years later after meeting her, I've lost Jackie. She had been fighting Ovarian cancer for 13 months, and finally lost. She was just short of her 200,000 miles on BMW motorcycles and currently riding a 2018 R1200RT. 




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I’m very sorry for your loss. :(

 It’s a fairly rare thing to find somebody that shares the passion for motorcycles as much as yourself. The picture of her with a new RT tells me, the pull was strong! :thumbsup:

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