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Touratech Flat tank bag

Iron Al

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Hi Gang,


I picked up a Touratech Flat Tank bag off the db and it arrived today. I thought you might want to see some pictures of it mounted on the bike.


I'm really impressed with with the fit and size. It is a little larger than I had expected which is great. The sidewall stiffener is a little wavy but I'm hoping that it straightens out as the bag breaks in. On the right side of the bag it has reflective bungie type cord to strap stuff to the side of the bag. It has a nice big map case that attaches with velcro to the top of the bag. It attaches to the bike with little turning buttons on the front and velcro on the back.


Here are some pics. They really don't do the bag justice. It looks great.


Left side




Right side




View from the back




Interior (Ugh, my garage sure looks junky)




Funky front mounting thingy



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Hey ke3ok


Thanks for the pictures. I think I'll get one. I have the BMW tank bag but it's to big IMHO for carrying with you when you're touring. The Touratech flat looks a better size for throwing over your shoulder to wander around town.


BTW, does it come with a way to mount a decent shoulder strap?



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BTW, does it come with a way to mount a decent shoulder strap?


Yes it does come with a shoulder strap. It attaches to the front and back of the bag with hooks.

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Thanks for the shots. Finding it difficult to decide which tank bag to get. Touratech might be the way to go, although I've never seen a review of the Wunderlich tank bag.



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