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Karma is MY bitch!. . .or am I a lucky dumbass?!

RT Pilot

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Well, today I removed the wheels from my 04 RT, thinking that I'd get the new tires put on. In the process of removing them (1st time)I completely depress the rear brake after removing the rear caliper (hence the dumbass comment). I immediately realize that I probably just effed up my rear brake and will probably need a bleed (at the very least). After a pointless trip to the tire shop (different story), I decide to put the old tires back on. Surprisingly, the rear brakes slip right on, and work as before.


My questions are: I thought that once depressed, I was under the impression that the caliper would need disassembly, repair and rebleeding (according to Clymer); however, it would seem that isn't the case. Am I overlooking something? Is Clymer wrong about this? Are my rear brakes gonna be safe? dopeslap.gif

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As long as you didn't actually eject a piston, and you would know if you had as it would have puked brake fluid all over everywhere; no harm, no foul.

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yeah. . I know about the servo brakes, but they'd oughta work with the engine off, albeit a little harder, but they'd oughta work, right? That's why I was so (pleasantly) surprised that I hadn't effed up the brakes. . .thought that any pressure, whether servo assisted or not would eject the pistons. Anyway, I'm glad it turned out the way it did. . .now I gotta take the wheels off again, and I'll be a little wiser! Thanks!

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Go to a empty parking lot (leave plenty of room to stop) and turn off your key while you are still rolling in neutral and then use your brakes to stop. You will see how important the servo is I promise. eek.gif

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