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A True Ride Story,,,compelte with video and pics.


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Went on a fascinating ride a few days ago, and instead of writing about it, and then y'all reading about it. I videoed and photographed the best segments, so all you gotta do is click on the link if you want to join in.

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Nicely done, Guy. If Motorcyclist, Storyteller, Biographer, and lover of Geography, History, and Fellow Man could be wrapped up in one word, I suppose your picture would be right above it.

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So, what happened to Camp Hill? Did a major industry shut down, or everybody just moved away? Any idea? It's truly a sad place. Nice job on the video, though!

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Guy, that was truly excellent and I think that I speak for many of us when I say 'WE WANT MORE!' smile.gif

I was right there with you....


But you won't come away with it THAT easy... I have a few questions !(yaya, ruddy foreigeners and all that.. <grin>).


You said Camp Hill was a ghost town.... and it sure looked pretty deserted, but there were still a few people in the pictures, and some flags waving.

So what made the people leave !!??


Secondly.... can you show a picture of how you have your camera set up for the riding videos? I love that stuff and one day will want to make some myself (the ONE day will be when I have money for a small videocam)...


Thanks for sharing with us !!! thumbsup.gif



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Excellent........ certainly adds a different dimension to reading about someone's ride. I really enjoyed it - thanks!


(But living in a place where a hot summers' day is 75F I have no idea how you manage in biking gear at 90F) thumbsup.gif

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Hey Bamarider you sure do talk funny. grin.gif Seriously, excellent video I really enjoyed it. Give us somemore!

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I enjoyed that Guy, but hope it doesn't replace the narratives on your website.

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Thanks for posting this. I love the old, abandonded towns of the south, there are hundreds of them. For many, the oil dried up; or a Wal Mart in the next town sucked all the business dry. Modern Ghost Towns are a favorite of mine. Nice video, and "Dust in the Wind", hilarious.


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Nice job Guy!


Funny, I wake up this morning to watch your video and hear the theme music from The Great Escape. My wife and I just watched that last night!!!


Very nice job. Thanks! thumbsup.gif

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Awesome.....that's gotta take some work to put all that together plus all the technical stuff to go with it all!! thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gif





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