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What is this? What's missing? (headlight assy)


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While I was looking under my fairing, trying to figure out the circuit I used to hook up my fog lights, I noticed a shinny bolt with no nut on it next to the headlight assembly. Is something missing there?


After looking around, I noticed a plastic knob in a similar location, and figured that perhaps it was a retaining nut that was missing in the first location. I tried giving it a clockwise, then counterclockwise turn to see if the plastic nut locked up (like a retaining nut). After a couple of turns, nothing, so my next thought about the plastic knob was "..headlight adjustment screw??".


Then I stopped screwing around with my bike, and started looking at the parts microfiche and my manuals. I can't find either item, and am not sure if (a) I'm missing a nut on the first bolt, and (b) what the heck the plastic knob is for.


Anyone know?


Picture attached. Viewpoint, from left side (mounted) of the bike, just over the tank, looking down into and behind the front fairing. The first bolt is in about the 4 o'clock position, partially covered by the clutch cable. The plastic knob is about the 11 o'clock position.


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Eckhard Grohe

Nothing is missing. There are no nuts required on the 3 threaded posts on the back of the headlight assembly. They are simply used as pins to help support the headlight vertically and laterally.


The R1100RS has nuts on these post to secure the headlight.


The knob adjusts the headlight left right..

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My headlight is pointed all the way to the left. Adjusting the horizonal knob(top left) does nothing. I took the front fairing off and took the headlight assembly out to get to the problem. I could not break the assembly apart without chipping the glass and was afraid to go any further in fear of breaking it.

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Thanks. That's what I needed to hear. I guess I also have to check my left-right headlight alignment, since I was initially twisting that knob. dopeslap.gif


Ya learn something everyday.. usually after the fact. grin.gif

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