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Dedicated ST site


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Sort of.


As I get time to work on it which hasn't been much lately (see signature below) but any info you guys would like to share feel free to write a little something and I can post it on the site smile.gif


Time hasn't been on my side and what time I do get I'm ridin grin.gif

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Since I am trying to do all my own maintenance, at least what doesn't require the diagnostic stuff, I am interested in torque spec's. I got most off of the GS.info site, but the ST's front end is quite different. I suppose the dealer can help me, also. That is short term. I would like to see a good site dedicated to this great bike.

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Can somebody give me the torque specs for the oil drain plug, oil filter and the transmission drain plug and fill plug?

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From the workshop CD

Engine oil drain plug: Initial 23nm Final 32nm

Oil filter: 11nm

Gearbox drain & fill plugs: 30nm


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If you guys end up getting the K2x RepROM CD from the dealer make sure it's at least the 3rd edition. It contains the most recent info.


01 59 7 693 541 - Original R1200 GS RepROM - June 2004

01 79 7 695 182 - Covers R1200 RT, ST, & GS - November 2004

01 79 7 698 307 - Covers R1200 RT, ST, GS, & HP2 - 2nd Edition May 2005

01 79 7 702 669 - Covers R1200 RT, ST, GS, HP2, GS Adventure, and R1200S - 3rd Edition May 2006

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