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Rapsody in Silver


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.... or 'The end of a Ride'..... or 'Ode to an RT' ...??


Not sure what to name this thread.... not even sure if it belongs in the 'Tales' forum.

But I wanted to give our beloved RT's som credit in the forum of a photo series of details, showing what most oweners of these machines love so much....


What do you do at the end of a ride? Yes, yes, get off, I know ! smirk.gif


I put the bike on its side stand, behind the house, take the insect spray and wet the front parts.

Then I go inside, undress of the sweaty ATGATT, get out of the riding boots.

Next I take out all the stuff I lug with me in my cases.. mostly photo gear, drinks, cookies, extra clotehs...

Then I clean the bike and my helmet.


Then I make some final pictures (which are shown here)... before putting it on its center stand and cover it up till the next ride.....


During the ride......




Silent witnesses of getting home safely.... Nina's gear..




What I like so much of this bike in particular.. flowing lines.....




..... and things sticking out.....






Even the front looks awesome, although not as futuristic as the new 1200RT.....




Not much color on it either, making these little accents all the more interesting...














And in stark contrast with the previous parts.. the funny rusty little bits at the bottom confused.gifcrazy.gif






And no riding without this of course (at least not here...)...




Hope I didn't bore you to death with the second love of my life ?


Wishing you all a nice and safe weekend with lots of miles to enjoy !!



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The Art of the Motorcycle, I really like the second picture "a still life?"


You have a good eye.

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You have suceeded again in capturing another facet of our passion.


I, too, follow a similar routine after a ride.


Your pictures have caught that special time between a lady and her rider.


You have captured what so many of us do after a ride, after we wash her, and when we can't ride due to illness or weather. How many hours spent standing next to our beautiful steed, watching her, looking at her lines. Staring in amazement at her lines and curves. Relishing in the rides she has taken us. Moving around her to catch a glimpse under her skin at some technological wonder. A simple bolt, a fastener, the connection of her shoes to her legs and then to her body.


It brings a, almost, parallel to how we view our spouses. Staring upon them with wonderment. Soaking in their curves and lines. Looking for a view past their clothes . . . .


Wow, now look what you've gone and done! Got to go find my wife!! grin.gifgrin.gif


Thanks for the pictures! Keep it coming! thumbsup.gif

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Thanks Phil... grin.gif I am not so good with words, so I use pictures smirk.gif

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Great photos Francois. You should get a job with BMW marketing...they could learn something from you.


I just love the silver pic's! thumbsup.gif


Me too...this is one of my favorites of my RT.



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Great photos Francois. You should get a job with BMW marketing...they could learn something from you.



Nah ! They would want me to get rid of ALL the bugs first.... !! grin.gifgrin.gif

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.... or 'The end of a Ride'..... or 'Ode to an RT' ...??




How about "Owed to an RT"? grin.gif I know we owe a lot of good times to our RT!


Nice pix, as usual, François.

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