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BMW Newbie - K1200S


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Hi All,


Long time rider, but first time looking at a BMW. Hope I am in the right spot.


I am flying out on Friday to look at a 2007 K1200S with 17,000 Kms on her. From the pics it looks in mint condition, but of course looks can be deceiving ! 


In Thailand BTW, so maybe different specs to most, I have no idea. Is there anything specific to this model that I should be looking / aware of ? From the research to date it seems to have a good reputation, but there is nothing quite like asking an owner


Thanks in advance. 

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I'm not an owner of that particular model, just a BMW enthusiast for quite a while. I don't recall hearing that any of the K bikes are notoriously bad. There was a recent report of a K-GT blowing up an engine but, seems to be an unusual event. :dontknow: Good luck, let us know how it pans out! :thumbsup:

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