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Can a Corbin Seat for R1250RT be Mounted in "High" Position?

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I've been working with a great dealer here in Canada that resells Corbin to spec out a seat for my new 2019 R1250RT.


I've used Corbin seats on all my bikes so I know I'll be happy with it over stock which isn't working for me.


The issue I am having is confirming fitment to the R1250RT.  I wanted to be sure I could mount the Corbin in the high position on the bike (their specs and instructions are silent on the topic) and we got this puzzled response from the Corbin rep:



 “I do not have a listed seat height for that bike, as our saddle does not work with the BMW height adjustment."


Can anyone here confirm that the Corbin Dual Saddle can be mounted in the "high" position on the RT?   





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