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Street Riding Is Dangerous Enough Without Being Targeted

Paul De

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Wow!  One of my worst nightmares, being randomly targeted by a deranged driver, actually happened.  Clearly the truck driver is wackadoodle in the head, and his statement to the police will bring the hate crime enhancement to his charges, but it does not change the fact that some innocent m/c rider is dead.  Although this was a rare set of circumstances, with so many mentally ill folks out there in the public it has crossed my mind that street riding isn't just the danger of inattentive drivers, there is surely a small percent that are driving with malevolent intent making them way more dangerous.  I can deal with inattentive/distracted drivers, deer, wild turkey, tar snakes, ect. but this one creeps me out as there is no amount of situational awareness that will help.



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There's simply nothing that can be done to avoid something like this; it's like being struck by lightning or hit by a meteor. Navarro wasn't inattentive, drunk, or distracted, he was insane, and apparently had a psychotic break. 



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Not to start a feud between various brands, but I have encountered quite a few pick up truck drivers (similar brand in the story, it appears) and mini-van (male) drivers that get their feelings hurt when I over take them.  It seems like some sort of competition to them, but I do not participate.  I have yet to figure it out.   I also drive one of those "square, boxy cars" (1st generation Scion xB) and have come across similar situations.  I mean, the car has 4 cyclinders with 103 HP.  I cannot compete with a V8( not that I try-HA). but they still show me their potential.  What gives?


Makes you feel vulnerable on the bike when they do crap like that.   On the RT, I just roll on the throttle to get away from idiots, but the R1200C, well I back off and let them get on with it.


Be careful out there.  As I tell folks asking me why I ride in dangerous Atlanat traffic all the time, I just tell them I ride like THEY ARE ALL TRYING TO KILL ME!!  

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