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Off on a road trip!


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Well Ladies & Gents, I'm off tomorrow (Friday) morning at 09:00h on a yearly road trip on my (hopefully) trusty 'ol K100RT. I'll be going east from Vancouver, here, to the Okanagan Valley (about 260 miles east of here). After a really great run through the mountain pass that goes between the towns of Hope and Princeton, I'll meet my friend (whose on an ST1300) at the (ahem!) Dairy Queen in Princeton, then we;ll head east to the near-desert town of Osoyoos close to the US border where we'll stay at the lake there (yes, a lake in a desert valley!). After that, more riding and return on Tuesday night. Probably, we'll put on mayne 800to 1000 miles. Good to get away!





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Have a wonderful time! And Kinko what Leslie said. (Can you tell I just saw the movie RV?!) grin.gif



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I love mountain passes! Don't forget to stop at the top and shoot a few pictures for us ! thumbsup.gif


Have a wonderful and safe ride !



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