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RT melted tail light housing


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So, I guess at some point the bulb socket rotated out of the plastic mounting surface and rested the hot bulb on the side of the whole. Now the hole in the plastic mounting surface is elongated to the point that the bulb socket won't secure itslef anymore. Aside from buying the $48 tail light assembly, I'm looking for some ideas on a good fix. Thanks.

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I though duct tape fixed just about everything doesn't it? clap.gif


Actually, MCN had a backcover review of some material (don't recall the name) that might be worth pursuing. If it isn't a reliable repair, I'm not certain I'd want a questionable brake light indicator there, however.


Mike O

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Yea, I thought about just drilling through the flange of the bulb housing and using some sheet metal screws. It kind of bothers me that it worked its way out of there. I'd really like to prevent it (and the others) from comming out unexpectedly (especially the brake light!) I also thought about some two sided tape, but I'm not sure it would stand up to the vibration.

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Some creativity with Crazy Glue or a plastic welding kit might work. It's hard to say without seeing the assembly. Another option is a used tail light housing. Google the words 'used BMW parts' and see what's available.

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I might try some plastic welding kit. I'll look in the parts store next time I'm there. I need something to fill the space left by the hole.(see photo)


I tried ebay & several parts classifieds, but no one is parting an RT at present, at least not that part.


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I've used Gasket Sealer for many repairs like your situation. When it needs to come out you can take a utility knife (at worst) and cut it out without further destroying the housing

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Good link! They sold the one they had, but I'll check back with them. Thanks.


Joe, Do you mean squirting silicone around the hole to seal it? Hmmm, that might work pretty well actually. Thanks.

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